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Why You Shouldn't Be Forced To Leave Work While Pregnant

If you are able to do your job while pregnant, your employer is not allowed to fire you unless you are unable to perform the duties of your job. Because an employer is allowed to fire you when you are unable to perform your duties, this is often a defense used by the employer to avoid litigation after terminating employment.

Activities to Avoid

There are certain physical activities that a woman should not engage in while pregnant. For example, being exposed to high temperatures has been found to contribute to birth defects. A job that involves running or lifting heavy weights could be potentially dangerous for a pregnant woman. However, for a substantial portion of jobs, pregnancy should not prevent you from meeting your workplace obligations, at least for part of your pregnancy. Some women are even able to work right up until their due date.

Remaining Comfortable

Your employer might need to make accommodations so that you can perform your work comfortably. For instance, your employer may need to provide you with an adjustable chair so that you can remain comfortable while sitting at your desk. If you must stand for a long period, you may need to take more frequent breaks. 

At some point during your pregnancy, you may need to take a break. During this period, employers will often need to bring in a temporary employee to perform your work. However, the employer must not train the new employee to take your job permanently; otherwise, he or she may be guilty of workplace discrimination. 

Retaliatory Behavior

Some employers will not fire a pregnant employee but will punish them. For instance, your employer may require that you take fewer hours when it isn't necessary. You may be passed up for a promotion that would normally be offered to someone with your credentials.

Know Your Rights

You have the right to feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. Some employers may make comments regarding your pregnancy or may place pressure on you to take actions that you do not want to take, such as not going through with your pregnancy. Each of these actions could potentially be illegal and grounds for a lawsuit.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against due to your pregnancy, make sure you reach out to a workplace pregnancy discrimination lawyer. You have every right to get pregnant without worrying about losing your job.